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The Challenge

The problem that GConnection is addressing is the inefficiency and difficulty in the traditional job search process. Job seekers often struggle to find suitable job opportunities and may not have access to all available job openings. On the other hand, recruiters and employers often receive numerous applications that do not match the job requirements, making the hiring process time-consuming and challenging. GConnection aims to streamline the job search process by connecting job seekers with potential employers based on their qualifications and experience, simplifying the recruitment process for both parties.

The Solution

GConnection's proposed solution is to create a recruitment app that uses algorithms to match job seekers with suitable job opportunities based on their skills and experience. The app allows job seekers to create a digital profile that highlights their qualifications, experience, and skills, while recruiters and employers can specify the requirements for open positions. The app then matches job seekers with the most appropriate job opportunities and presents a list of top candidates for the role. By using technology to streamline the recruitment process, GConnection aims to make it easier for both job seekers and employers to find suitable job opportunities and qualified candidates.

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