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Suver Cosmetics
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Suver Cosmetics

The Challenge

I am applying for the UT challenge with my business idea of creating customised beauty products for individuals with sensitive skin issues. I have personally struggled with sensitive skin and have found it difficult to find products that work for me. Through research and market analysis, I have discovered that this is a common issue for many people. I believe that by creating customised beauty products tailored to each individual's specific needs, we can solve this problem.

The Solution

My business idea will provide personalised/customised solutions using natural and organic ingredients, avoiding toxic chemicals. I do this by creating a system where people get more advice with a skin type scan. After this scan, a recommendation comes out on which skin type they have and what ingredients they need to improve their skin. With the ingredients, a specialised beauty product is created for that person.

We are looking for new team members with the following skills

- Passion in beauty - Product development in chemistry and packaging materials - IT skills to make the system

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