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Earn It
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Earn It

The Challenge

University students (in particular internationals) struggle to find relevant part-time employment while they are studying in The Netherlands. Companies tend to avoid hiring International students as they don't want to go through the time consuming and expensive work visa procedure. Earn It wants to give International students an equal chance to find employment opportunities while combatting racism and inequality.

The Solution

Earn It has found a way to circumvent the regular work visa procedure through the use of self-employment permits. Through this process, it is just as easy to hire an international student as it is to hire a Dutch one. Earn It will take care of all the paperwork with regards to these permits so companies and students do not need concern themselves with it. Earn It wants to gamify the hiring process, so that companies can make employment decisions more easily and in a fair and coherent manner. Companies only need to consider the skills/experience of the students when making decisions and nothing more. (Eg. nationality, gender, etc.) Earn It intends to build a social platform where companies can post potential job openings and students can react and apply for these jobs.

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