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3D Medical Support
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3D Medical Support

The Challenge

3D printing unlocks the opportunity to greatly increase the efficiency of surgical procedures.

The Solution

Life-saving cardiovascular operations are prepared with data of a CT-scan of a patient. CT-scan interpretation is complex and requires a high level of skill, mistakes as a result of misinterpretations are not unheard of. Communicating the information contained in these scans can be another challenge where mistakes can arise, especially without clear means of communication. Our lifesize 3D printed patient specific models instantly create a complete and easy to understand interpretation of complex anatomy. The spatial perception of the planned life-saving operation is vastly enhanced among all caregivers as the model can be used either as a visual-tactile aid or as a means of communication. With our models (piloted in approximate 20 hospitals, also outside EU) : - Surgery times are significantly reduced - Radiation dose for the patient and OR staff is reduced - Amount of radioactive contrast fluid used is reduced - Teamwork within the OR is improved - Cognitive interpretation of patient anatomy is enhanced - Instruction and communication between caregivers is improved - Selecting the best suited surgical instruments and procedures becomes easier - Surgical outcomes are improved To improve caregiver interpretation of patient data, a 3D graphic representation is often projected on-screen, unfortunately such representations are not available in all hospitals. Whilst these representations are certainly an improvement over “raw” CT data, the graphic rendering is still limited by a 2D monitor which limits full spatial cognisance and leaves room for error. Furthermore, this spatial information can only be properly communicated between caregivers when hardware to interpret and communicate patient data and create a rendering is at hand. When our models are used before a procedure, a mental “click” happens almost instantly as the entire team of caregivers immediately understands the physical 3D patient anatomy and the challenges involved. What distinguishes 3D Medical Support: - Fully committed in-house printing service from CT data to print within 24 hours including data segmentation (software), with customer convenience as a focus . - Material and production characteristics fine-tuned for cardiovascular surgery - Significant size (up to 600mm) - High accuracy (0.01mm) - Transparent - Flexible - Fast - Next-level model quality at economic justifiable cost The current market is the vascular (stent) market (occurs +/-10% of males aged 65+) with over 3.8M stent placements a year with 38.6 % in the US and 28.2% in the EU. Approx. 15% of these cases are regarded as complex and benefit from our products (+/-€‎ 500 strongly depending on case). No investors were needed until now. We are supported by the University of Twente and are looking to further expand our customer database and technology.

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