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Lock and Track
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Lock and Track

The Challenge

Lock and Track is an all-in-one security solution for bike owners, combining a smart bike lock, built-in GPS tracker, external GPS tracker, and speaker alarm system, all controlled through a smartphone app. The product was created to simplify the process of securing and locating bikes, providing peace of mind for bike owners and making it difficult for bike thieves to get away with stealing a bike. With Lock and Track, bike owners have everything they need in one product to protect their bikes from theft and loss.

The Solution

Lock and Track is a smart bike lock that comes with a built-in GPS tracker to address the problem of bike theft and difficulty in finding lost or misplaced bikes. The device is powered by a battery and can be activated or deactivated using a smartphone app. Additionally, the lock includes an external GPS tracker that can be hidden inside the seat of a bicycle, making it possible to locate the bike even if the lock is broken and left behind. The reason for having an external GPS tracker is to provide an additional layer of security in case of theft, while also allowing the lock to be easily used for other purposes, such as securing other bicycles. The lock also has a speaker built-in, which serves as an alarm system to scare off thieves and can make a sound to help locate the bike in crowded places. The lock is connected to an app that provides a range of features, such as tracking and security alerts. This product was created as a response to the prevalence of bike theft, with the aim of making it nearly impossible for thieves to get away with stealing a bike.

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Team members with expertise in software engineering, mobile app development, and GPS technology

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