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The Challenge

Many musicians are capable of playing multiple instruments or want to layer the same instrument(or voice) on top of itself to create beautiful harmonies. They would usually use something called "looper stations" or "looper pedals" which record the input and loop it endlessly while giving the user an option to record and manipulate each track individually. Unfortunately these devices may be inaccessible for many musicians who are just starting out because the more advanced 4-5 track models cost around 500€ and even simple two track looper stations can cost more than 300€ which can be way too expensive for those just starting out.

The Solution

I want to make a four track looper station which I aim to make it a less expensive alternative to conventional looper pedals with a more intuitive user interface to make it much easier for musicians to get into live looping. It will be based on STM32 MCUs and the software will be written in Rust. The current prototype is projected to cost under 200€

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