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Social Innovation
Med Tech


The Challenge

A start-up involved in the development of a standing manual wheelchair that allows for propulsion in standing mode.

The Solution

Users of the standard models of wheelchairs are not able to change their position to prevent prolonged sitting. Although there are currently some manual wheelchairs that can stand, the user must return to a seated position if they wish to move to a new location. This is time-consuming and inconvenient. We created a manual wheelchair (S2) which allows the user to independently change his/her postural position and move while standing. This has many advantages that go from physical health to the emotional and professional aspect, leading to: • Improving their health; • Gaining independence; • Increasing job opportunities; • Increasing self-esteem; • Broadening social interactions;

We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Marketing and sales: * Create and execute marketing strategies, * Able to build partnerships and expand networks. * Good interpersonal skills Finance and accounting: * Managing finances and keeping track of the company's financial health

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