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The Challenge

There are two key problems that Homemade is addressing and solves. Firstly, food delivery is expensive, lacks variety, and lacks healthy and tasty options. Our solution to this problem is to connect people that want to order food to people around them that love to cook from Home and want to make extra money from their passion. Secondly, starting a restaurant is expensive, risky, and requires full-time work to operate. That is why our solution is to allow people to be able to start their restaurants while saving the upfront costs of running a restaurant. We also make it easier for the chef to focus on their cooking since we handle the business side of their restaurant.

The Solution

Homemade is a platform that connects local home chefs with food lovers who are looking for delicious, home-cooked meals. Homemade offers a unique opportunity for passionate home chefs to turn their culinary skills into a profitable home business. Homemade allows chefs to choose what they cook when they cook it and how much they charge for their meals. Homemade is committed to supporting sustainable and locally sourced ingredients and encourages its chefs to use fresh ingredients in their dishes. With no upfront costs except for registering their company, Homemade is a low-risk opportunity for anyone who wants to start a small business from home. Community, Connection, and Cooking are at the forefront of homemade vision. We aim to connect neighbours, rebuild relationships in communities and eat delicious food, all while supporting our local economy. That way we can shorten supply chains, support the local economy, and connect neighbours with each other through Homemade.

We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Fluency in Dutch language Copywriting skills Graphic design skills Marketing and advertising knowledge Understanding of target audience and demographics Data analysis skills Knowledge of social media platforms and advertising tools Video editing skills Project management skills Collaboration and teamwork skills.

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