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Jon Mora Gutierrez
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Social Innovation
Med Tech

Jon Mora Gutierrez

The Challenge

The ever so increasing aging population, prevalence of chronic diseases and other forms of physical disabilities call for innovative solutions to alleviate this. The palpable need for people to have more comfortable forms of navigating the world, call for more adaptive and resolute mechanisms instead of the current antiquated means of mobility assistance. The fact that individuals who have reduced mobility in the form of aging, overweight, traumatological &/or neurological conditions are dependent of others to roam around the world, and conclusively feel like a burden to their surroundings — these here— are the people we envision to aid.

The Solution

The proposed solution is an ergonomic, general purpose exoskeleton that would essentially serve as a mobility enhancer. This wearable lower limb support/ knee brace mechanism would comfortably help the user do a variety of movements, such as sitting-down, standing-up or even climbing the stairs. We envision to make this an affordable alternative to the conventional walking sticks or walkers, where they prove to be insufficient for activities like climbing the stairs or motions exposed to similar rigorous terrain. Moreover, these devices would be catering the dimensions of the person and incorporate active means of response to constructively assist the user

We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Necessary skills for upcoming members include to be communicative, and motivated to contribute to the vision of improving the lives of the disadvantaged. In addition, to be proficient and solvent in the disciplines of CAD Modelling, Coding and Control Systems.

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