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Digital & Internet


The Challenge

Inspired by the struggles of hesitant online shoppers, the goal of Glideview: making online purchasing a seamless and enjoyable experience. We help companies with physical products improve their online sales conversion and user experience by integrating AR technologies with their existing web showrooms. We use a natively designed web AR viewer integrated into the product page, allowing users to view and interact with products in a more engaging way. Unlike our competitors, we utilize semi-automated 3D modeling to cut integration time from weeks to days. Our vision is to fully automate this process so that it takes hours instead of days to design a photorealistic 3D model. Additionally, our program interface will be designed with large customization potential to fit the exact client's requirements. Check out our prototypes: https://cat-heady-blarney.glitch.me/ https://twisty-well-ruby.glitch.me/

The Solution

We are using a natively designed web AR viewer that is integrated in the clients product page

We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Startup sales 3d modelling Business relations web AR development web application development

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