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Reusable Foodbox
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Reusable Foodbox

The Challenge

All food, including deliveries comes packaged in various forms. There is a recent trend to increase recyclability of food packaging, by moving away from plastics onto paper for instance. Being better than not recycling, these solutions still introduce a huge logistical problem for collection (which often are not placed in the proper recycling avenues), as well as consuming a lot of power to recycle these materials. A reusable food storage solution which does not compromise on any ease of use for the customer, would drastically reduce the amount of waste generated due to food packaging.

The Solution

Design of a durable reusable foodsafe box which unfolds to a flat surface. A special cleaning conveyer belt system will be designed to clean the foodboxes, taking full advantage of the flat surface the boxes unfold into. A consumer will then be able to obtain these boxes from their local foodbusiness of choice, and then return them to these special cleaner boxes, disseminated in local vicinities (much like returning PET bottles). The solution presented is scalable and is a way to reduce the ecological damage caused by currently used food containers in deliveries, as well as reducing the amount of water required to clean the reusable boxes due to the novel cleaning technique.

We are looking for new team members with the following skills

A varied group including: Business specialist Mechanical engineer Food/Material expert

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