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The Challenge

In the Netherlands, there is a problem of difficult access to health checks and a lack of possibility to book these tests at home. Many people struggle to get timely access to health checks, which can lead to delayed diagnoses and treatment of illnesses. This is particularly problematic for those who live in remote or rural areas or have mobility issues. Moreover, there is also a lack of ability to book tests for relatives or access their health history, which can make it difficult to coordinate care or get a comprehensive picture of their health. This issue is particularly concerning for those with elderly or sick relatives who require frequent health checks. Overall, improving access to and spreading awareness about preventive health checks by enabling home testing and remote health monitoring could help address these challenges and improve healthcare outcomes in the Netherlands.

The Solution

Vitamijn is an innovative health app that will revolutionize the way people access and manage their healthcare in the Netherlands. With Vitamijn, users will be able to book preventive health checks for themselves and their relatives, either at home or at a convenient location, making it easier than ever to stay on top of their health. The app will also provide users with access to their medical history, enabling them to keep track of their past health records and stay informed about their ongoing healthcare needs. Additionally, the app will give personalized recommendations based on the results of the tests, helping users take action to maintain their health and prevent future health problems. Overall, Vitamijn has the potential to greatly improve access to preventive healthcare in the Netherlands, providing people with the tools they need to take control of their health and wellbeing.

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