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High Tech to Feed the World


The Challenge

FarmToHome is addressing the problem of limited access to fresh, locally sourced produce and the need for a more efficient and convenient food supply system. The current food supply chain is often long and complex, with multiple intermediaries involved, leading to increased prices, decreased freshness, and limited options for consumers.

The Solution

FarmToHome is an online marketplace that connects local farmers with buyers and helps them trade fresh products directly, without intermediaries. The app provides farmers with an easy-to-use platform to create their own online store and sell products with just a few simple steps. On the other hand, buyers are offered access to a wide range of local farmers, can easily compare and choose products, and receive delivery directly to their door. By eliminating intermediaries, FarmToHome reduces costs for both farmers and buyers, ensuring fair pay for farmers and access to high-quality, locally sourced produce for buyers.

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